Become a Dealer, We Want You!

Become a Dealer, We Want You!!

KCCEDGE provides store owners and online dealers nationwide with fast, competitive and reliable access to hundreds of quality Ninja machetes, Japanese Katana, Throwing knives, Anime sword, Medieval swords, and officially licensed swords. We offer complete wholesale pricing, exceptional customer service and complete dropship services.

If you are a Business, Store Owner, or Manager and wish to open an account with KCCEDGE, please fill in the form below to start ordering from our wide selection of wholesale merchandise. Once your information is received and verified, you will be emailed an account login and password.

  • Minimum order $300.00 (Domestic U.S.A. Customers Only)
  • For order $300.00 and above, you will receive 30% OFF from regular price
  • For order $500.00 and above, you will receive 40% OFF from regular price

FREE UPS Ground shipping on orders over $1,000.00 (Subtotal after discount have to equal or over $1,000.00 & Domestic U.S.A. Customers Only)

We ship via United Parcel Service (UPS), although we do offer alternative methods.

9:00am – 6:00pm Pacific Time

(909) 529-0714